WCCM Help for Ukrainian refugees


Dear friends!

Now we’re creating the project for the helping the refugees. We have very many people here who escaped to our city Lviv from war. We’re trying to help them with places for staying and food. Also, many people now lost their jobs. So we decided to create the funding for help from our community. The other important thing is that people can learn more about our community, for example that the meditators don’t just “sitting and do nothing”, but also can radically change our consciousness and our way of relating to others – we can find ourselves in another and provide an active help. And people can learn more about the vision of our comminuty in this difficult but transforming time. We want to be heplful not only in spiritual and psychological way, but also at the practical level. This is how we can now share the fruits of meditation – see the Christ in everyone.

If someone wants to provide some help, you can send it here:



Our PayPal: wccmukraine@gmail.com

Our MoneyGram details:
Ukraine, Lviv, Zakharova Mariya, e-mail for reference number – info@wccm.com.ua

Thank you once more for your support!

Thank you for supporting Ukraine! God bless you!
Dear friends, thank you for your help:
Malwina Okrzesik / Polish WCCM community, Cirsten Verleger, Travis Zinn, Josephine von Zitzewitz, Sevket Kilinc, Edwin Jimenez, Mairead Demel, Sascha Peard, Kevin McLatchy, Maximo Crisanti, Vivian Lee, Fiona a Barnes, Dominee Maurer, Linda a Schmalstieg, Karsten Steil, Patricia Brennan, Marie Louise Schmidt, Daphne Radenhurst, Maria Maciata, Noel Keating, Elizabeth Sarah Whitmore, Kathleen Greenough, MBT Yoga…

How we use donations:
Humanitarian aid to WCCM meditators, who living on the territory of Ukraine occupied by the Russian army (Kherson)
Purchase of medicines for refugees living in the territory of the Benedictine Monastery of St. Joseph (Lviv-Solonka)
Weekly purchase of food for refugees living in the territory of the Benedictine Monastery of St. Joseph (Lviv-Solonka)
Purchase of medicines for refugees from Kramatorsk (Lviv)
Purchase of food for refugees from Kharkiv (Lviv)
Payment for the funeral of relatives and dental treatment for refugees from Kramatorsk (Lviv)
Purchase of medicines for refugees (Irina Gvozdyova) (Lviv)
Purchase of Easter cakes for refugees living at the Benedictine Monastery of St. Joseph (Lviv-Solonka)
Purchase of hygiene products and food for refugees living at the Dormitory of LNU Franko (Lviv)


Дорогі друзі!
Зараз ми приймаємо пожертви від учасників нашої спільноти з різних країн світу, і ми намагаємось передати ці кошти тим, хто найбільше потребує допомоги. Якщо ви потребуєте допомоги (фінансова, продукти, ліки) або знаєте тих, хто її потребує; і також, якщо ви потребуєте надійного прихистку в Європі, пов’язаного із нашою спільнотою – зв`яжіться з нами, напишіть приватне повідомлення на фейсбук-сторінці нашої спільноти (www.facebook.com/wccmukraine).